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Basic Training - What is Church?
March 03, 2019
Duration: 33:47
What does the idea of 'church' bring to mind? There are many different ideas and feelings that exist about church today. As part of the Basic Training series, this lesson considers the idea of church from a Biblical perspective in hopes of clarifying what the church should bring to mind.
Basic Training - The Patriarchs
February 24, 2019
Duration: 28:29
As part of the Basic Training series, this lesson covers the fourth of the seventeen periods of Bible history. The Patriarchs spans the time after the people were scattered at Babel to the end of the book of Genesis.
Basic Training - The Whole Armor of God - The Sword of the Spirit
February 24, 2019
Duration: 36:33
As part of the Basic Training series, this lesson takes a look at the armor God has called upon Christians to wear. This considers how we must take up the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.
Basic Training - The Whole Armor of God - The Shield and the Helm
February 17, 2019
Duration: 32:30
As part of the Basic Training series, this lesson takes a look at the armor God has called upon Christians to wear. This considers how we must wear the shield of faith and the helmet of salvation.
Basic Training - The Whole Armor of God - Feet Shod
February 10, 2019
Duration: 30:43
As part of the Basic Training series, this lesson takes a look at the armor God has called upon Christians to wear. This considers how our feet should be shod with the gospel of peace.
Basic Training - The Whole Armor of God - The Belt and Breastplate
February 03, 2019
As part of the Basic Training series, this lesson takes a look at the armor God has called upon Christians to wear. This considers the belt of truth and the breastplate of righteousness. (Note: Unfortunately, audio is not available for this lesson).
Basic Training - Before the Flood to the Scattering of the People
January 27, 2019
Duration: 32:14
As part of the Basic Training series, this lesson covers the first three of the seventeen periods of time in the Bible. Encompassing Before the Flood, the Flood and the Scattering of the People, this lesson leads us takes us from Creation to the Tower of Babel.
Basic Training - Battle Ready
January 06, 2019
Duration: 32:13
As a disciple of Christ -- a solider of the Lord -- are you battle ready? This is not just an option for a Christian, but an imperative. This lessons reflects on that idea and calls us to arms.
You're Not Good Enough
March 06, 2016
Passage: Jude
Duration: 38:37
You're not good enough to go to Heaven but God's grace, the blood of Jesus, and God's power are all greater than our sins. Study along as we see what God's Word says about this topic.
Peer Pressure
February 28, 2016
Passage: Daniel & Daniel
Duration: 32:26
Peer Pressure is a popular teen topic. This topic does not just reach young people today. Everybody faces peer pressure everyday no matter our age. What does the Bible teach about this topic? Listen and study about Daniel and his friends as they face peer pressure. See how they handled peer pressure in their lives.
Ashley Madison Needs Jesus Too
August 30, 2015
Duration: 35:45
A few weeks ago we learned hackers gained access into the Ashley Madison website. This is a website dedicated to helping people have an affair. The hackers threatened to release the names if Ashley Madison did not shut down. When Ashley Madison refused, the names were posted for all to see. Social media and news outlets were buzzing about the scandal. Famous people were involved, even religious leaders. In the wake of this event several important lessons can be learned.
A Bug's Life
May 06, 2015
God's glory is all around us. The Heaven's declare the glory of God and the Earth shows His handiwork. Insects are creatures that we often overlook but they are very glorious. God designed them with such intricate detail and each one fulfills His purpose.
Psalm 73
October 21, 2014
Passage: Psalm 73:1-28
Duration: 35:48
Psalm 73 tells us that it is worth while to live Godly. Study along with this lesson and learn why the author of Psalm 73 believes it is worth while to do so.
Lessons From The Book Of Obadiah
June 01, 2014
Passage: Obadiah
Duration: 29:49
The Book of Obadiah is short but it is full of lessons that we need even still today. Obadiah teaches us about God's judgement.It also teaches us how to treat those around us, even those who we do not fellowship with.
What Is The Church of Christ
March 23, 2014
Duration: 32:35
What is the church of Christ? When Peter made the great confession concerning the person and purpose of Jesus, Jesus said that upon that kind of faith (this rock) He would build His church. What church? It is the church that belongs to Christ. This church is His body. It is all the saved of all time of all nations. It is His bride. It's members are citizens in His kingdom. There is no salvation outside of the body of Christ, so understanding and appreciating this church is vital to our salvation.
Calm Before The Cross
March 08, 2014
Passage: Matthew 26:36
Duration: 33:38
In the midst of stress and grief, we see Jesus acting calm while others around Him react rashly.
The Tower of Babel
March 08, 2014
Passage: Genesis 11
Duration: 26:55
God did not punish the people for building the Tower of Babel.He confuses their language because of their pride and the reason they built the tower. We must put our trust in God not ourselves.
6570 Days to Train Them Up
March 08, 2014
Duration: 29:31
We only have a short time to raise our kids. We must be diligent to instill the word of God in our children so they will not depart from them.
Jesus Heals the Leper
March 08, 2014
Passage: Mark 1:40
Duration: 25:09
The story of Jesus healing the Leper teaches us how to have true faith(Leper) and how to have a true heart(Jesus).
David: A New Heart For A New Life
March 08, 2014
Passage: 1 Samuel 18
Duration: 25:14
Jesus calls us to be new creature and turn from our old ways. David teaches us how to have new life by becoming a new man with a new heart.
When You Wander
February 09, 2014
Passage: Hebrews 6:4-6
Duration: 27:14
Wandering away from God is a dangerous thing. This lesson helps identify and correct problems that cause us to wander from God.
February 04, 2014
Passage: Colossians 3
Duration: 28:31
Colossians 3 challenges us to new heights in our christian life. When we are recreated in Jesus Christ, we are transformed into a new person. How do we live with our feet on the ground and our head in the sky? This sermon talks about the challenge and the blessing of being New In Jesus.
Dealing With Deceptive People
September 01, 2013
Duration: 30:33
Stick and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me! I'm rubber, you're glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you. Many of us can remember saying or hearing these statements as children. It sounded good, but it was a lie. Sticks and stones do hurt and we aren't really made out of rubber. Words have the power to destroy. Some of the more hurtful forms of destructive speech take the form of deception, manipulation, and lies. How do we respond when we are on the receiving end of this?
Homosexuality - A Nation In Crisis (Part 2)
August 04, 2013
Duration: 40:45
This is part two of a series on homosexuality. In the first lesson we studied about the movement in this country, what God's word has to say about homosexuality, as well the hope in Christ those who are caught up in homosexuality have. This lesson focuses on what we can do to help those who are struggling with homosexuality.