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Nehemiah:  Hand Me Another Brick
January 15, 2012
Series: Nehemiah
Duration: 30:00
With spiritual introspection, how di we do last year in our spritual growth...our service to God...battles against sin. Like Nehemiah's workers, God's builders today are motivated people with a mind to work!
Building Bridges in Evangelism
January 12, 2012
Passage: John 4:10
Duration: 47:38
How do we effectively building bridges in evangelism? Connecting with people with different backgrounds and circumstances can be difficult. This lessons discusses those challenges.
Restoring The Fallen
January 12, 2012
Duration: 30:00
When we see Christians fall away from the Lord, what can we do to help bring them back? In this lesson we will look at our motivation behind seeking to restore them, the importance of having the right mission, as well as some common mistakes we need to avoid.
Enlightenment On The Emmaus Road
January 03, 2012
Passage: Luke 24:13-33
Duration: 35:42
The apostles were crushed at the death of Jesus. Cleopas and an unnamed person who traveled with him were also experiencing the weight of Jesus' death. As we look at their thoughts and their experience with the risen Lord on the road to Emmaus there are great lessons for us.
Two Sides to the Holiday Season
December 11, 2011
Duration: 30:00
The holiday season --- in reality, there are two sides to this season for all of us. ① There are many spiritual opportunities to take advantage of; however,we have some spiritual dangers to guard against.
The Salvation Army
December 04, 2011
Passage: 2 John 1:5-11
Duration: 30:00
Every year at Christmas a group sets up a red kettle, rings a bell, and people give money. Many think they are a social service, however, it is really a church... a denominational group.
Psalm 101 - Walking With Integrity
November 29, 2011
Passage: Psalm 101:1-8
Series: Psalms
Duration: 40:07
True integrity is a character that is often overlook. King David understood the value of this characteristic and recognized that it began with him.
Remember Our Creator In The Days of Our Youth
November 27, 2011
Duration: 30:00
Ways we can remember our creator in the days of our youth: 1) Honoring and obeying our parents 2) Developing a faith that is our own 3) Committing ourselves to living godly in this ungodly world.
A Double Helping Of Thanksgiving
November 20, 2011
Duration: 30:00
This sermon was preached the Sunday before Thanksgiving. It's really two thanksgiving messages in one. The first part looks at our need to be a thankful people. The second part looks at my thankfulness to this local church.
Haunted House Hearts
October 30, 2011
Duration: 30:00
This sermon was preached the day before Halloween, 2011. It's the time of year when there is trick-or-treating and visiting a haunted house. As we find in Matthew 12:43-45, Jesus is using a kind of 'haunted house' as he is teaching a parable of our lives.
One More Night With The Frogs
October 23, 2011
Passage: Exodus 8:5-11
Duration: 30:00
As Pharoah chose one more night with the frogs, so can we allow our lives to be messed up because of sin. When we know what we should do to be right with God and we put it off, we are taking great chances with our souls.
Certain Truths For Uncertain TImes
November 09, 2008
Duration: 24:08
Today's world is filled with so much uncertaintities -- money, health, politics, and so much more. The bible contains certain truths that give us confidence and security for these uncertain times.
If I Were A Visitor
May 08, 2005
Passage: Acts 11:22-23
Duration: 30:00
What our visitors observe when they enter our assemblies is very important. If I were a visitor, would I be compelled to come back? Would I see a congregation I would want to be a part of?