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Questions About Authority - 1
February 28, 2021
Duration: 43:41
How do we interpret the word of God in a way that is true to the word of God? Surprisingly, you will find it is the same way you expect your word to be understood. This first of two lessons begins to examine some questions about authority.
It's All About God
May 23, 2012
Duration: 30:00
We live in a very ME-Centered culture. Many people live selfish, self-centered lives. You can see this displayed by the way people treat each other. It's not right, but we expect to find people living with a "me-focus" in the world. The last place we'd expect to find a "me-focus" is in the lives of Christians and in local churches, however, this focus is often there as well. This lesson challenges us to reconsider our spiritual lives and say, "It's all about God!"